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Before signing up for any of our services, we require in home evaluations for each dog. 


We require a 1 day per week minimum for Fitness and Agility group classes, and a 2 day per week minimum for our On-Leash Group Adventures.

Fitness and Agility evaluations will put your dog through multiple tests to determine what your dogs needs and goals are. Our evaluations help us determine if your dog has any imbalances, as well as identifying their strengths and weakness.  After the evaluation, we will put together a TAILored program catered to your dogs needs and goals to help achieve their pawtential.

Why Fitness and Agility?  Fitness and Agility is a great alternative for the dogs who enjoy physical and mental challenges using obstacles.  Canine functional fitness increases muscle mass, helps dogs stay trim, builds healthy joints, improves heart and lung functions, and helps with confidence. 

On-Leash Group Adventures evaluations will require that each dog is friendly around other dogs, have a solid foundation on basic obedience, and comfortable riding in a vehicle. Our evaluations are a great way for us to meet your dog, and begin to build our relationship for our group adventures.

Our Fitness and Agility and On-Leash Group Adventures offer multiple time slots each day. Once your dog has passed our CANINE BALANCE in home evaluation, you can download the app we use to book online, communicate with your dogs handler, and receive photos and notes from every adventure.

(Note: CANINE BALANCE is a compliment to wellness care, but it is NOT meant to rehabilitate, treat or diagnose. CANINE BALANCE is a compliment to reinforcing basic manners and obedience, but it isNOT a replacement for training). 


Fitness and Agility



Black dog coming out of the tube, dog agility competition..jpg

Fitness and Agility

Group Classes

$60/2 hours

Vizsla Dogs

On-Leash Group Adventures

$40 / 1hour

Dog Walker

On-Leash Group Adventures

$50/2 hours

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