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At CANINE BALANCE, we firmly believe that dogs thrive when they receive a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, resulting in their overall happiness

and well-being.

We recognize that each dog is unique, which is why we provide a range of classes tailored to suit individual needs. Whether your dog prefers group settings, or one-on-one sessions, we offer various options to accommodate their preferences.

Our TAILored programs are designed to guarantee that every dog leads a joyful, active, and balanced life – in their own way.

Our Services

Dog Fitness and Agility

Fitness & Agility

Group of different breeds dogs sitting i

Structured Day Programs

Border collie dog during a massage done by a pet physical therapist and during and

Massage Therapy

Coming this Spring

Dog Day Programs

Hi, I’m Nik

My love for dogs has been evident ever since I can remember, growing up our family had a Pit-bull, Dalmation, Shitzu, Beagle, Labrador & Boxer. They were all wonderful dogs, but each required their own physical and mental stimulation needs.

As a proud dog mom for the last few decades, and most recent to my adorable mutt, Liam (pictured), it has always been important to me that my dogs get the proper exercise, mental stimulation and socialization that they need.

As a professional dog photographer, and an experienced dog walker, I decided to dig deeper into my love for dogs and start CANINE BALANCE. I am a certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC), through FitPAWS at North Carolina State University. I am Canine CPR and First Aid certified, 100% lover of all dogs certified, and I am so excited to build a balanced relationship with yours!

photo credit : lifestyle portraits by Gwen

some pawsome reviews;

"Nik is so great with our dog, Hazel.

She works with our busy schedules which gives us such peace of mind knowing she is in great hands.  Hazel adores Nik and so do we!" Tish C.

"My dog, Buddy, attended agility training with Nik at Canine Balance. He loved every minute of it and didn't want to stop. You can tell how much Nik loves dogs and how dedicated she is to making sure each pup gets the most out of each session." Robyn B.

"Our pup adores Nik and her friends at Play-Care. And we get super cute picture updates too!" Pam D.

"Can’t say enough amazing things about Nik Michele and Canine Balance. She’s the absolute best and your dogs will be very loved while in her care." Nichole H.


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